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POLLYWIGGLES are the South African distributors of The Purple Cow,  MEADOWKIDS, ADVENTUROUS AFRICAN SAFARI  and  mudpuppy  products.

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Hive Q - Monumental Landmarks

Hive Q - Our World

Hive Q – Glorious Explorers

Jungle World Magnets

Learning to count

Magnetic Letters

Magnetic Numbers

Magnetic Chess

Magnetic Snakes & Ladders

Magnetic Battleships

Crazy Scientist – Indoor Science

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The Crazy Scientist LAB – Bubbles and Foam – Soap Bubbles Painting


The Crazy Scientist LAB – Color Laboratory


The Crazy Scientist LAB – Water Gel Science


The Crazy Scientist – Young Detectives


Doodle a Droodle by The Purple Cow

Optical Illusions

Crazy Scientist LAB –  Optical Illusions Science Kit

Magnetic Wonder

Crazy Scientist LAB – Magnetic Wonder Science Kit