Magnetic Battleship

Magnetic Battleship

Magnetic board game in compact tin packaging. Ideal for travelling! 2 players. Size: 19 x 10 x 1cm

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Product Description

Ideal for travelling!

Compact tin packaging opens up to display double-sided board magnetic board, and includes magnetic pieces.

Number of players: 2

The game contains: 5+5 battleships and submarines, 130 ‘Bomb’ magnets and 34 ‘RED hit’ magnets.

The game: The youngest player begins. Take turns to ‘shoot’ at the enemy fleet by calling out the number of a certain box by its grid location. Your enemy must say whether the shot is a ‘miss’ or a ‘hit’. You can keep track of what you have shot in your lower grid. If you have a successful hit, you have another turn, and continue hitting until you miss. Play continues until 1 player wins by successfully sinking the whole of the other player’s fleet.

Age: 5-99

Warning: This product contains small pieces which could pose a choking hazard. Only suitable for children over 3 years old.

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