Crazy Scientist Young Researchers

Crazy Scientist – Young Researchers

A collection of 20 science tricks, each with a simple, yet clever scientific explanation.

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Product Description

A collection of science tricks, created by 2 crazy scientists and the Purple Cow…

The world around us is intriguing. We can gain so much joy from experimenting with it, and learning about it.

Can we produce drinking water from plants? Can we create an oven that works solely from solar energy? Can we create a cloud within a bottle?

Within this box of tricks you will find 20 cards, each contains a real magical trick that has a simple yet clever scientific explanation.

Tricks can be performed using everyday materials found around the home.

Some tricks may require adult supervision where indicated.

Use these experiments to spend enjoyable quality time with your child. Your child will not be the only one who will learn a thing or to 2 about the world around us.

Age 6-99

TIN size: 14 x 1.5cm

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