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LOLLIPUTTI™ is our new highly collectible range of wacky putty pops. This super-fun range of collectibles have launched in three on-trend themes; Ice Cream Factory, Unicorn Lab and Monster Makers!


LOLLIPUTTI Monster Makers

Create your own wacky monster with a random selection of FREAKY body parts included in each of the LOLLIPUTTI Monster Makers putty pops! Each putty pop includes; 1 x Pack of Putty, 2 x Monster Body Parts, 1 x Pot of Sprinkles, 1 x Collection Chart.



Create your own unique unicorn with the FUN and Fantastic body parts included in each pop! Each LOLLIPUTTI Unicorn Lab pop includes: 1 x Pack of Putty, 2 x Unicorn Body Parts, 1 x Pot of Sprinkles, 1 x Collection Chart.


LOLLIPUTTI Ice Cream Factory

You can mix the two scented putties with the Ice Cream Factory and add the SPRINKLES to make your ice cream creation! There are 12 scents to collect including; Banana, Blackcurrant, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Pistachio, Rose, Caramel, Coconut, Grape, Mint Chocolate Chip, Strawberry, Vanilla.


A colourful, wacky brand full of toys for kids to nurture and love. Nurchums™ hatch, grow, expand and morph; building a bond with their new owners and generating a sense of responsibility and compassion.

These toys feed the imagination and, because they hatch and grow, the experience is even more vivid and realistic. Children engage with the concept of Nurchums from the outset and enjoy nurturing their development as the toys transition through different stages.


A popular and exciting range

Nurchums is an exciting, hands-on range featuring products that hatch, grow, expand and morph. The range is currently capitalising on the popularity of hatching eggs, and includes: Fantasy, Dinosaur and Mermaid themes.

New Nurchums Elf Hatch Eggs

A fun twist on the traditional Christmas Elf! Now you can Hatch Your Own Christmas Elf with Keycraft’s EXCLUSIVE Elf Hatching Eggs. Whether to entertain children on the run up to Christmas or to fill up a Christmas stocking, these festive elf eggs are a fantastic new product line to ramp up your pre-Christmas sales.


Mermaid Hatching Eggs

NEW and on-trend for 2018, these magical eggs come in blue or purple, with each egg containing one growing mermaid. Simply pop them in fresh water and over the course of a few days your very own mermaid will hatch.

Fantasy Hatching Eggs

Ignite their imagination with the prospect of hatching a mythical unicorn or fairy egg — both available in pink and purple. Once the toy has hatched, it will continue to grow for up to two further weeks, or can be removed from water to shrink back to its original size.


Dinosaur Hatching Eggs

Travel back in time and hatch your very own prehistoric pet. Available in three bright colours and featuring the most popular dinosaurs: orange T-Rex eggs; green Triceratops eggs; and purple Stegosaurus eggs. These eggs are an amazing learning experience for every child.

Appeals to a wide age range

Nurchums are aimed at children aged 6 to 12. Because the range features a number of different categories, the appropriate age range will be stated on each.


Magnoidz™ is our Science and Discovery brand, featuring an exciting range of interactive kits designed to intrigue young minds and develop curiosity. Exploring a range of scientific disciplines such as chemistry, physics and geology, these educational activities are fun, engaging and easy to use. Competitively priced, they make an excellent entry-point into the more complex science toy sector.

Designed for inquisitive minds

Magnoidz are designed for inquisitive minds between the ages of 6 and 14. Science lovers will snap them up, but they are also an ideal way of making science fun for those children who find the subject challenging. Magnoidz will appeal directly to children as a fun and exciting activity, as well as to adult family members as an educational toy. The range offers multiple ways to engage children in the fascinating world of science.


GOGOPO™ is our impulse lifestyle collectables brand, ranging from stationery to slime. The GOGOPO range is a characterful, innovative and highly attractive impulse product.

With fast-paced new product delivery strategies, agile trend adoption and innovative point of sale systems and promotional mechanisms, GOGOPO is becoming the fastest growing product brand in our portfolio.

There is a fantastic range of colourful impulse collectables under the GOGOPO brand: GOGOPO™ novelty stationery; Gooballz™, gooey meshballs; Goobands™, slime and wristbands; and Goobands CLIPZ™, mini slime with key chain.

New FLUFFiies

Slow rise squishies! The NEW GoGoPo Fluffiies are super-squishy, cute and gorgeously soft toys. Give them a squeeze, and watch them form back to life! Your rainbow unicorn pet comes complete with silver horn and a keyring attachment.


Goobands™ slime & wristbands

Kids love collectables and Goobands are maximised for collectability. Every pot of slime comes with a matching wristband wrapped around the tub – this product is unlike any other in the market! Children love to collect and swap the wristbands!


Gooballz™ meshballs

Gooballz meshballs are a fun collectible novelty for children. They come in six different categories of meshy goo: glitter, pearlescent, sequins, beads, iridescent and glow in the dark. Each item is available in pink, purple, blue and black, and has a silicone wristband keyring clip and a carabiner to attach to a child’s backpack. This product has been developed for children who love slime and accessories and is a product which is exclusive to Keycraft customers.


GOGOPO™ stationery

This range of fun and funky fashion stationery for children and teens includes novelty products such as: nail polish highlighters, ice cream erasers and googly-eyed pens. It is a must-have brand for every school bag! Entice multi-buy purchases with our 48 pocket display stand – it’s a real show-stopper!


Goobands CLIPZ™ mini slime & keyrings

A mini collectables series of slimey keyring, perfect for goo-on-the-go! The slime comes in an awesome variety of colours and even includes some scented putties. Each has a matching silicone band wrapped around the tub which doubles as a keyring, so that you can carry it with you on the go. Children love squishing and stretching the slime and the added collectability of the complimentary key chain is a unique feature unlike any other!

Shrinkles – Shrinking Craft & Activity packs

Shrinkles is a fun craft activity for all of the family. Draw, trace or colour in the pre-printed pictures included in the pack and with the help of an adult, cut out your drawing and pop it into the oven. Watch the magic happen as your Shrinkle S-H-R-I-N-K-S 7 times smaller and 7 times thicker than the original! Create badges, keyrings, jewellery, figurines and lots, lots more. You really must see it to believe it. Watch the Original Shrinkles video below. Available in 8 designs and 2 activity pack sizes complete with a floor standing display unit and point of sale video screen

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Shrinkles New

Original Shrinkles – Shrinking Plastic Craft Activity Packs

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Shrinkles_No_Loop (1) 107 (Copy)
Shrinkles_No_Loop (1) 381 (Copy)


Themed play mat sets with 70 x 80cm felt mat, each set includes themed accessories. Collect them all! All 6 mats fit together for hours of fun.

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